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About Huiskula

Huiskula Group specializes in wholesale, production and import of cut flowers, floral greens and pot plants.

In addition Huiskula provides young plants to other nurseries and professional growers of flowers. Our main office is located in Turku together with our nursery, Huiskulan Puutarha Oy. Huiskula Oy has seven filials (whosale cash&carries) in Finland and is still a family-owned company.

Huiskula’s customers consist of flower shops and garden centers, nurseries (for young plants) and customers in the super market section (retail).

Huiskula’s way of getting things done

Contact info

Huiskulan Puutarha Oy

Subsidiary company and production

Huiskulantie 52, 20380 Turku

+358 20 790 7000

VAT-number FI01408809


Huiskula-Hilverda Oy

Cash & carries

Huiskulantie 52, 20380 Turku

+358 20 790 7000

VAT-number FI20765326

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